Local attractions:

Ostrzyckie Lake – 2 km

The Kashubian Ethnografical Park


The Education and Region Promotion Centre in Szymbark


Other attractions in the area:



Odwrócony dom w Szymbarku


See the wooden church dating back to 1816.




This is the place where you can go horse-back riding or go wild in go-carts. Sleighing parties are organized there as well when there is snow.


Famous for its botanical garden.

Ostrich Farm in Garczyn

This is the first ostrich farm in Poland established in 1993. There are 100 ostriches bred there. Going there gives you the amazing opportunity to try scrambled eggs made from ostrich eggs or even ride an ostrich like a camel. There is also another ostrich farm in a nearby village Wandowo.

The Stone Rings Reservoir in Wesiory

This is an ancient Gothic cemetery. There are about 160 graves there and four stone rings dating back to the beginning of our era. This place has a mysterious influence on the visitors, providing them with an unforgettable experience.


The Anthem Museum

Approximately 8km east of Kościerzyna, there is a small village Będomin. There you can find an 18th century manor-house surrounded by a park with a beautiful, 300-year-old, lime-oak forest stand. For years this manor-house belonged to the family of Józef Wybicki and the museum has been there since 1798. This is the only Anthem Museum in the world.

Kaszubskie Muzeum Regionalne w Kartuzach

It will bring you closer to the specification of the Kashubian cultural and religious traditions. The Kashubians were an ancient ethnic group of Slavonic Balts. They resisted polonisation for centuries but regard themselves as Poles. After the partitions of Poland, despite systematic germanisation, the Kashubians maintained close ties with Poland. They did not lose their identity, historical heritage or original culture.


The Kashubian Landscape Museum

It attracts lovers of nature with its virtues; beautiful beech forests as well as rare types of flora and fauna. The captivating Radunia river, with its current similar to a mountain stream, creates deep gorges and is one of the biggest park attractions worth seeing. The stunning beauty of the landscape is a result of the movements of the continental iceberg, which formed the deep valleys and created an attractive land of rivers and lakes.

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